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Dumbbell Front Squat

An effective squat pattern is essential to most exercises. The dumbbell front squat targets the quads, hamstrings and glutes but also improves balance and stability throughout the core and on both sides of the body.

Stand with your feet wider than hip-width. Hold a dumbbell with each hand, with your palms facing each other. Engage your abs to stabilize your spine. Pull your shoulder blades down and back. Curl the dumbbells to a position where they rest in front of your shoulders. Keep your chest up lifted and your chin parallel to the ground. Shift your weight into your heels.

Inhale and bend your hips and knees simultaneously. As you lower your hips the knees bend and will start to shift forward slowly. Try to prevent your knees from going forward past the toes. Keep the abds engaged and try to keep your back flat (do not tuck the butt or arch the low back).

Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel or almost parallel to the floor. If your heels begin to lift off the floor or your torso begins to round, return to start position. Work to ensure that the feet do not move, the ankles do not collapse in or out and the knees remain lined up with the second toe.

Exhale and return to start position by pushing your feet into the floor through your heels. The hips and torso should rise together. Keep the heels flat on the floor and knees aligned with the second toe.

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23 comentarios en “Dumbbell Front Squat

  1. The dumbbell front squat, I have done the front squat but not yet with dumbbells. I think I like this one better than the front squat with the barbell (I do not like barbell front squats); I feel extra weird doing them! On the positive side of things, dumbbells are cheaper to invest in and I can do this exercise while at home, outside, ect. Good example of the exercise Chape. lovely video as always :)


    1. Thank you :)
      I don´t like it with the barbell either. It´s easier to keep balance with dumbbells, and extra work on your shoulders :)
      Hugs, Chape

      1. Oh really?
        You are not a fan of the barbell front squat either, well we have something else in common. I struggle with front squats using the barbell, I think because of my arm placement and hand placement.

      2. Really :D
        I have a back injury and it´s very hard keeping my spine straight with the barbell. With dumbbells I can bend a bit my torso without losing my teeth :D

      3. Oh how did your back injury occur? wear and tear? I know it comes with lifting. I am waiting for the day I get my first injury from lifting, lol

      4. Two slipped disc, l4-l5 and l5-s1. Lifting, of course :) Respect the technique!!

      5. Oh goodness, did you need surgery?
        One day I will have a battle wound like you Chape. lol

      6. Nope. I didn’t like the idea and nobody recomended me to do so :-) 15 years later I don’t feel any limitation.
        You don’t really want an injury. Be like Mike (Jordan), an ankle injury in his whole career ;-)

      7. Yay, no surgery is good news.
        Haha, yes when I played basketball, that is who I wanted to be like. Hey, one ankle injury can causes issues for the rest of the season. LOL although he played well the majority of his life :D

      8. True :)
        Have you played basketball? :D Which positon?

      9. I played basketball all my life, got myself a scholarship. I started off as center, didn’t like it, then moved over to forward and shooting guard and liked it better. I had to play point once or twice but wasn’t that swell at it.

      10. A scholarship!! That´s serious!! Shay-lon «Buckets» :)

      11. Yeah, but things happened and I put the basketball down. I haven’t picked up a basketball in over a year now.

      12. Oh, we have to play someday. Maybe I have a chance :p

      13. Haha you probably would have a chance. I didn’t know you played basketball chape!?

      14. Yeah! Precisesy, point guard :D

      15. Ahh! The shorter person on the team with the most handles? :P Could make quick decisions, pass the ball for assist and call out plays.

      16. I agree with the shorter person on the team LOL Everything else is pure speculation :)

      17. Hmm, true, true. Normally that is what is expected from a good point guard though.

      18. Indeed, but I was very bad :)

      19. You were?
        what sports were you good at?

      20. None :)

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