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Dumbbell Deadlift

The dumbbell deadlift builds strength in the lower body as well as the back, shoulders, and core, making it a great total-body exercise. By using dumbbell we’re able to achieve a greater range of motion. Starting with dumbbells can also be helpful when you’re learning the movement as they allow for lower total weight to be used.
Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, with your toes pointed forward or slightly outward. Grab one dumbbell with each hand, palms facing your body. Keep your spine in neutral position, your chest lifted and your head in line with your spine.
Brace your abs to stabilize your spine. The hips and shoulders should rise together. The objective is to keep the dumbbells close to your body as they move upward.
Inhale and hinge forward at your hips and shoulders together, bending the knees, lowering the dumbbells to the ground without allowing your back to round. Brace core and lift back to the starting position.
Exhale and lift back to the starting position, straighten your knees and hips to come to a full standing position with your elbows straight and the dumbbells resting against the sides of your thighs. The hips and shoulders should rise together. The objective is to keep the dumbbells close to your body as they move upward. Repeat.

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14 comentarios en “Dumbbell Deadlift

  1. I enjoy doing barbell deadlifts! I have never tried the dumbbell deadlift so this was new to me! thank you Chape, I will definitely be giving this one a try in the near future!


    1. Hahaha, have you read your comment twice? You enjoy doing deadlifts!?!?! I don´t know what to say… I don´t read that often :) I hope you get well soon, lol
      Big hug, David

      1. Hahaha! yes I enjoy deadlifts! is this weird Chape :) LOL I find that are kinda fun to do sometimes. I always feel a rush when I perform a deadlift, so crazy eh? :P
        Secretly you enjoy deadlifts as well Chape, don’t deny it hahha!


      2. Hahaha! I don´t hate them :)
        I secretly enjoy squats too… I´m a sinner…lol

      3. Haha, Argh typical fitness professional who enjoys squats! LOL I almost had faith in you Chape! you just let me down with that statement. jk. Secretly I think everyone enjoys squats. I love-hate relationship with squats.

      4. Hahaha, you´re very funny!!
        If everyone enjoys squats, why are there so many chicken legs at gyms? LOL

      5. Hahahahahahah!!! omg!!! LOLOL

      6. Yeeees, you know it’s true 😂😂😂

      7. LOL it is true but when you say it, it makes it all that much funnier! oh my.

      8. Hahaha, thanks!! 😇😇

  2. Excellent post- thank you. Excellent video on form as well. I am a physical therapist and am new at blogging- do you mind giving a quick glance and feedback on my site. Yours is really great.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words :)
      I´m following your blog, I love it. Keep writing!
      big hug, David

  3. Great work with the deadlifts! :D

    1. Thank you :)

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