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Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press is an upper body exercise that strengthens the chest, shoulders, and triceps while improving muscular balance. Using dumbbells allows for a great range of motion in the chest and can also be easier on the shoulders and prevent pain.

Pick up the dumbbells off the floor, palms facing in. Position the ends of the dumbbells on your thighs, and sit down on the bench.Β To get in position, you need to rock back pushing the dumbbells back with your thighs and only slightly bending at the elbows.

Lie on your back with your feet firmly on the bench, your spine in neutral position.Β Pull your shoulder blades down and back so that they make firm contact with the bench.

Keeping your wrists in neutral, press the dumbbells toward the ceiling. With the elbows fully extended, the dumbbells should be above your chest.

Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbells to the sides of your chest.

With elbows close to your sides the exercises emphasizes more triceps. If the elbows are flared out from the body the exercise emphasizes more pectorals. Do not allow the back to arch away from the bench. Maintain all points of contact with the bench and keep your feet firmly on the bench.

Exhale and gently press upward to straighten the elbows back to starting position.

8 thoughts on “Dumbbell Bench Press

  1. Good job on highlighting this popular exercise with dumbbells instead :))

    1. Thank you so much :-)

  2. Chape,
    Good form while demonstrating the workout. In most cases it is good to spot someone doing this workout, but since you could handle the weights, I wasn’t worried about them falling on your face. LOL.
    I think I did this workout sometime this week, hm


    1. Thank you, Shay-lon πŸ˜„
      A good spotter is always welcome, but I don’t want to share the camera 😜
      Btw, if you aren’t sure, you didn’t do it well lol

      1. Hahah!
        Hush Chape! LOL
        I think I remember NOW.
        I have also recently been sharing your workout post on social media platforms :) it has helped my following! – muahahhaa I am using you! hahaah :P

      2. NOW, just now πŸ˜₯ really? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Thank you so much for sharing, I’m pleased it helped you to get more followers πŸ˜‰ njk!

      3. Chape, I hope you get the chance to read my most recent post because I think you will have something to say about it possibly :) maybe, maybe not.

      4. Done 😊 I have something to say Always lol

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