Do It Better – Week 4 Day 5

Ready to finish with a bang?

Triceps dips

The triceps dip is one of the most effective exercises for activating the triceps muscles in your upper arm. Additionally, you must activate your core as you hold your hips off the ground. The range of motion is small, although you can feel the tension in the triceps.

  1. Starting Position: Sit down on the floor. Legs slightly bent, feet flat on the floor. Support your body by placing the hands behind your back, with your fingers pointing your feet. The elbows point backward. Push the arms through and bring up your hips.
  2. Inhale as you slowly bend your elbows. Your body is sinking down now. Try to keep up the hip and the body in a line.
  3. Exhale as you push your body back up again, to the starting position.

Lying biceps curl

Lying biceps curl is one of the best exercises that you can do to build your biceps. Not only does it isolate your biceps since the rest of your body is stabilized, but it is great for individuals who have spine issues since it does not create spinal compression.

Anchor the band at the bottom of the door.

  1. Starting position: Grip a handle in each hand and lay on your back with your feet 1 to 2 feet away from the door. Your knees should be up and your feet flat on the floor. Start with your arms straight and tight to your body with palms facing up.
  2. Exhale as you pull the handles and bend your arms. Keep your upper arms down against the floor during the entire movement.
  3. Inhale and slowly return to the starting position.

Tips to get the most out of this workout

  1. Read the instructions on how to do the exercises. If you skipped it, scroll up. It´s important to keep the technique in mind to perform the exercises correctly.
  2. Watch the first two sets before you start and visualize yourself performing the exercises.
  3. Grab the equipment you need (mat, resistance bands), put them in position, and keep close your bottle of water.
  4. Mute your phone. Next 10 minutes you´ll be unavailable.
  5. We aim for a total of 10 sets (5 sets each exercise), with no rest in between. However, if you need to rest, press pause and take your time.
  6. Each set is 1 minute long. If it´s too much for you right now, do as many repetitions as possible.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Congratulations!! You did it. 4 weeks in a row.

It wasn´t so hard to find some time for exercise, right? 

You’ve learned a lot over the last 30 days, put it to work.

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