Do It Better – Week 3 Day 4

I have a couple of unusual exercises I think you will like.

Lateral to Front Raise

This is one of the countless raises variations.

  1. Starting position: Grab a resistance band and hold one end in each hand. Next, step on the middle of the band with feet about hip-width apart. Stand tall, engage your abs, with chest out and back straight. Arms at your sides.
  2. Exhale and raise your arms straight out from your sides until they are in line with your shoulders (parallel to the ground). Raise leading with your elbows, so that they’re the highest part of your arm.
  3. Inhale, as you move your arms to the front, keeping them parallel to the floor.
  4. Exhale again and slowly lower arms back down to the starting position.
  5. Inhale and repeat.

Behind the back shrug

Behind-the-back barbell shrugs cause you to lift your shoulders up and back, hitting the upper traps and the middle traps a bit. This form is awkward, so it limits the amount of weight you can lift. The behind-the-back shrug is an exercise targeting the traps. Having your hands behind help to keep your shoulder blades together (scapular retraction). 

Step on your resistance band.

  1. Starting position: Grab a handle with each hand behind your back. Your hands and your feet should be spaced about shoulder-width apart.
  2. Exhale. While keeping your arms straight, lift your shoulders up toward your ears as high as possible. Focus on pulling up and slightly behind you.
  3. Inhale as you slowly return to the starting position.

Tips to get the most out of this workout

  1. Read the instructions on how to do the exercises. If you skipped it, scroll up. It´s important to keep the technique in mind to perform the exercises correctly.
  2. Watch the first two sets before you start and visualize yourself performing the exercises.
  3. Grab the equipment you need (mat, resistance bands), put them in position, and keep close your bottle of water.
  4. Mute your phone. Next 10 minutes you´ll be unavailable.
  5. We aim for a total of 10 sets (5 sets each exercise), with no rest in between. However, if you need to rest, press pause and take your time.
  6. Each set is 1 minute long. If it´s too much for you right now, do as many repetitions as possible.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Well done!! See you tomorrow.

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