Do It Better – Week 2 Day 5

We finish the week strong working your arms.


The banded skullcrusher is a variation of the skullcrusher and an exercise used to build the muscles of the triceps. The band used during the banded skullcrusher provides accommodating resistance, meaning more resistance is put on the targeted muscle group as you move through the exercise’s range of motion. 

Attach the resistance band around a low, sturdy object, such as a post, pole, or door. Lay back on a flat bench.

  1. Starting position: Grasp the handles with palms facing up with your hands positioned at chest height, and arms extended.
  2. Inhale and flexing the elbows, allowing the band to drop over your head while the triceps stretch.
  3. Exhale as you extend the elbows, contracting the triceps to bring the hands back to the starting position.

Hammer  curl

This curl variation works the brachialis and the brachioradialis. By gripping the resistance bands differently, you are involving other muscles that will be strengthened as well.

  1. Starting position: Step on the band with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the resistance band with your arms fully extended, palms facing each other. Keep your spine straight. 
  2. Exhale and bend your elbows and curl the band toward your shoulders, without moving your upper arms. Your palms should face each other the entire time.
  3. Inhale and slowly return to the starting position.

Tips to get the most out of this workout

  1. Read the instructions on how to do the exercises. If you skipped it, scroll up. It´s important to keep the technique in mind to perform the exercises correctly.
  2. Watch the first two sets before you start and visualize yourself performing the exercises.
  3. Grab the equipment you need (mat, resistance bands), put them in position, and keep close your bottle of water.
  4. Mute your phone. Next 10 minutes you´ll be unavailable.
  5. We aim for a total of 10 sets (5 sets each exercise), with no rest in between. However, if you need to rest, press pause and take your time.
  6. Each set is 1 minute long. If it´s too much for you right now, do as many repetitions as possible.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Week 2 is in the books. Well done!! Have a great weekend.

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