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Dirty dog

The dirty dog involves your abs, butt, and hips. It´s a great exercise to prepare the body for activity.

Come to a hands and knees position. Engage your abs. Keep your spine in a neutral position; avoid any excessive sagging or arching. Pull the shoulder blades toward your hips.
Exhale. Keeping the knee bent, slowly lift the knee outwards and upwards toward the side. Try to move the leg without causing movement in your torso. Hold this position briefly, while keeping a stable torso and head level with your spine.
Inhale and slowly lower your knee back to the floor.
Repeat and switch legs.

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11 comentarios en “Dirty dog

  1. […] via Dirty dog — Chape Personal Trainer […]

  2. I wonder why they call this exercise the dirty dog? Ha.

    1. Hahahaha 😉

  3. That’s a good one.

    1. Thank you 😊

  4. Hey Chape! Happy Tuesday :) as per usual blogging late in the evening before dinner gets started. How ya been my friend?

    «Dirty dog» is quite a name for an exercise, I have heard of the saying but never for exercise! LOL


    1. Hi Shay-lon 😄
      I’ve been doing great, hurting my back 😫 Hope you’re better 😀
      This time, I think the name fits the exercise. You should try, it’s harder than it seems!
      Big hug, David

      1. Oh no! hurting your back?! OH WELL! bahaha jk :D
        I am doing alright Chape, just staying busy as usual and getting dinner done for tonight. I will give it a go and complain about it after :D

      2. Haha! Nothing serious :-P
        Have fun complaining Lol

  5. I used to dismiss this exercise because I thought it was too easy, but then I started following a fitness program which included the dirty dog and it turns out it’s a great exercise! I’ll never again make the mistake of dismissing a move simply because it looks easy.

    1. Hi, Fabiola! I thought the same the first time I saw it! Then, I tried and my hips didn´t agree :D
      If I´m not outdated, crawling is the new easy-great exercise to work the core. It may look easy if we´re used to plank, but it´s a great exercise as well :)
      Big hug, David

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