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Contralateral limb raise

This exercise is one of the best ways to target your back, particularly the muscles that help to stabilize your spine.

Lie on your stomach on a mat or the floor with your legs outstretched behind you. Your toes are pointing toward the wall behind you. Reach your arms out overhead with your palms facing each other. Keep your head aligned with your spine.

Exhale and slowly stretch one arm and one leg out and lift them off of the floor. Keep your leg straight and your toes reaching to the wall behind you. Keep both hip bones and pubic bone in contact with the mat. Avoiding any rotation in your leg or pelvis. Keep your arm straight and try not to rotate your arm or shoulder. Your head and torso should not move, avoiding any arching in your back. Hold this position briefly. Return to your starting position.

Inhale and return to the starting position.

Repeat and switch sides.

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Ah, the Superman! I love this one!

Karina Pinella

I like this exercise. I just love your quick and easy to follow exercise tips.


Hey how ya doing? sorry I haven’t been on your blog in awhile to comment and show support, been on and off the blog and social media and finding out that is harder than I thought to keep up with everything, i don’t know how you manage it all sir. Hope your weekend is full of smiles and entertainment 🙂
Also, good exercise Chape, you did wonderfully.