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Coming soon: “More exercises”

Hello, dears!

I still have to learn a lot, and a bunch of tutorials is mixed in my head. The black background is temporary. Opacity, movement, and rotation are under control (joking) 😀 Just take a look and tell me what you think.

Maybe tomorrow I´ll get some decent results, I hope so 🙂 Tomorrow all you have to do is visit

Anyway, tomorrow all you have to do is visit MiddleMe, and add the new exercises to your routine at the workplace 🙂

Have a great day, wonderful people!!

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Hello, you – how timely this is. I’m back in the US, firing on all four and have a goal. I can share that with you privately as I would be very very grateful for you input. In return. I actually love this – I like the black background – it makes the action very defined. And the movement is so clear to me. I am in the gym on Thursday and Friday … I just need to know what to do 😉 Hugs x

Harry...the Man!

I actually like the black background. I found it helped to focus on your posture while exercising.

It works for me.

Doctor Jonathan

What guy doesn’t love to work CHEST. This wonderful exercise helps define the pectoral striations. Great for the ego and good for maintaining beautiful definition.
I like the new details to the video as well


Hey, why don’t you do some calisthenics tutorials.. I love them…😄


This black background is very profound Chape, aka David. (Sorry I like calling you Chape) lol. Sounds so cool when I say it. Anyways, I think this was a good start.. I feel as though.. even though men love having a nice chest, a female like myself would love this workout just as much! 😉

Hmm, this post might have given me a post idea .. in the near future (of course I’ll mention you since you gave it to me unknowingly) lol

Shay-lon xoxo

Christy Birmingham

Great and wishing you a nice weekend too 🙂


That made me want to go to the gym. And I mostly run…and do simple aerobics. Love the black background. Thumbs up,David.


The black background looks great! There’s nothing distracting about it, so it helps keep the focus on the proper way to do the exercise. Have a great day!