60 healthy salmon recipes

Here you´ll find 60 healthy salmon recipes. Salmon appearance varies greatly from species to species. Species like chum salmon are silvery-blue in color while some have black spots on their sides, like the Atlantic salmon. Still others, like the cherry salmon, have bright red stripes. Most of these species maintain one color when living in …

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30 Healthy Halibut Recipes

Here you´ll find 30 healthy halibut recipes. Atlantic halibut is one of the largest bottom-dwelling flatfish in the world. It is considered very good quality seafood thanks to its firm texture and relatively few bones. Atlantic halibut is larger than its cousin, Pacific halibut. Both fish taste similar! The word “halibut” is derived from haly (holy) …

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30 healthy squid recipes

Here you´ll find 30 healthy squid recipes. Squid is eaten worldwide. Depending on where squid is hunted and prepared the types of meals that can be made by them can vary significantly. They may be steamed or fried and eaten alone or mixed into a salad. These are some interesting nutritional facts: Squids contain sufficient …

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30 healthy turkey recipes

Here you´ll find 30 healthy turkey recipes. Turkey is a relatively inexpensive source of protein, with more protein per gram than both chicken and beef, while remaining lower in fat and cholesterol than other meats. It also delivers vitamins and minerals. Here are some key points about turkey meat: Eighty-five grams of roasted turkey breast …

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30 healthy chicken recipes

Share: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest Who else loooove chicken? Let me share with you a few interesting facts and health benefits of chicken. The first shocking fact about chicken is that it was probably first domesticated for cockfights, not as food. Chickens were domesticated in Southern China …

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