Abs of Steel 2

Read First 😉 Abdominal muscles play a crucial role in posture, support of the spine, balance, stability, and respiratory functions such as breathing. Building strength and endurance in these muscles are essential as it creates benefits such as improved posture, reduced back pain, improved balance and stability, and potentially assistance with breathing. Focus on your …

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Abs of steel 1

Read First 😉 It’s important to start at the beginning to give your body the right foundation. That’s what this workout is all about: showing you the 4 exercises that you should do to get athletic and strong abs. Recommended frequency: 2 times per week. Compact Extended 3 sets 15 reps Rest 40 secs 3 …

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Jordan Breakfast Club

Michael Jordan needs no introduction, six-times NBA Champion with the Chicago Bulls, Olimpic Champion, Hall of Fame member, his award and trophy list is almost endless, and he’s probably the best athlete of all times. Don´t know what the Breakfast Club is? The legendary Breakfast Club Jordan began to train with weights on game days …

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Rest 30 seconds


Rest 40 seconds


Rest 60 seconds


Rest 90 seconds


Rest 120 seconds