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Read First 😉 Circuit training workouts combine a mix of endurance- and strength-based exercises so that you’re building muscle while increasing your heart rate at the same time. And even if your stations are only strength training exercises, you still get a form of cardio exercise due to the limited rest periods in between movements. …

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Read First 😉 In a circuit workout, stations are chosen strategically. For instance, the goal is to move from a lower-body exercise like lunges, to an upper-body exercise like push-ups. While you’re performing push-ups, your legs are resting, which means you can move right onto another lower body exercise without needing to rest in between. …

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Read First 😉 Circuit training is a workout that includes different exercises, usually referred to as stations. You perform each station for a specific number of reps, before moving right on to the next one. Since the format includes limited rest in between movements and rounds, circuit workouts move quickly, which means they can be …

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Read First 😉 Less time, more results. If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule, a circuit workout is an efficient way to knock out a strength training AND cardio session all at once. Studies and research show that with a 15- or 30-minute circuit workout, you can build muscle mass, while …

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