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Catapults and siege machines

Catapult and siege machines

Good morning, dears!

I asked for permission at the hotel to take some pics. The whole staff is fantastic and the manager allowed me to share with you this beautiful hotel. As there are other guests, and we should respect their privacy, I took pics of spaces with no people. This is a lounge bar, next to the restaurant.

hotel bar

From the restaurant, you can see the tennis courts. This was yesterday while I was listening others guests in German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

pistas tenis

Once at the gym, Joel Silva, Personal trainer at Open Village Sports Hotel & Spa Club was so kind to pose showing you Kinesis, a functional training equipment wich offers an unlimited number of exercises. All the equipment is Technogym. The gym is not only for guests. Also, a club uses this facilities, open from 7:00 to 21:30. If you need to improve your tennis service or soccer skills, this is your place :)

hotel gym

The hotel is really huge. I can spend a day taking pics: the pool, the spa, the hall… but I came to visit the city. I don´t know if it´s true but, “Portugal was born here”.

Aqui nasceu portugal

I visited the Guimaraes Castle. It´s small but looks impressive! Also, it´s free to visit :D

Castillo 2

Palace of the Dukes of Braganza is next to the castle. This is so big that I couldn´t take a decent picture from the outside. For 6€, you can take pics without flash and visit the interior. I strongly recommend you visit this Palace. This is the interior courtyard.

Palacio 1

I would love this dining room if I don´t have to clean it. Anyway, I bet those Dukes knew how to party!

Palacio 2

Of course, the ceiling!

Palacio 3

Also, there is a part of an exposition, “Catapults and siege machines” inside the Palace.


I found a great place for lunch: Sabores do chef, rúa Abade Tagilde, 353, Guimaraes. The Chef Joao Silva is great, attentive, kind and very friendly. I should train With him. He is a really big guy!

sabores do chef chef

How was my lunch? Ox steak with pepper, salad and chips.

sabores do chef boi

And chocolate cake. Delicious!

sabores do chef postre

With this piece of art… Goodbye, I have places to visit, people to meet, and I´m hungry again :D

I have tons of pictures, but I don´t want to bother you. Instead, petitions? The castle, the palace, gardens, museums… it will be my pleasure :)

Have a great day!!


70 thoughts on “Catapults and siege machines

  1. Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. It is!!!
      Thank you :D

  2. Great Post

    1. Thank you :-)
      There are parks everywhere, you would love this place!
      Hugs, David

      1. Welcome, Parks sound interesting indeed.

  3. That is one cool place! Love the photos!

    1. Thank you, Frank!
      Let’s face it, I barely push the button! Lol
      Technical details: my Xperia Z2 :-D
      You should come and do your magic! This place is gorgeous!!!

      1. It’s all about that button push :-) I have to come do a tour of the Iberian peninsula at some point, when I have enough time away from the work that pays the bills…

      2. Yeah, and the light, the movement, contrast, resolution… you are very funny :)
        I know you know it, you will need a lot of time for that tour :D

      3. All those little details…

  4. Oh my! It looks charming. Wish I was there. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you :-)
      Indeed, it is! You’ll see ;-)
      Have a great one too!
      Big hug, David

  5. This is great!

    1. I´m glad you like it! :D

  6. Lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. My pleasure :D

  7. OOOOOH! Cool!

    1. Thank you :-)
      I’m glad you like it :-D

      1. Love castles!

      2. This is beautiful and well conserved :-)

      3. Glad to hear that. It needs to be done on all and every castles!

      4. Sure, but there are a lot of them :-D

      5. Still go do it! LOL!

      6. LOL! I’ll do my part :-)

  8. Seems like a wonderful place

    1. It is! You should come :-)

      1. I hope so :D

  9. Those are inspiring photos. I love castles, and that one’s free to enter, you say…

    1. Yes, it is :-)
      This city is a fairy tale!

  10. Great hotel! I do not want to talk about food because I am already hungry because of your pics :))
    About castles. I would have liked to live in those times.
    Beautiful trip you have and I wish you to have more fun, David :)

    1. Hahaha food is outstanding!! A castle is cool if it’s yours and you don’t have to clean it :-D Seriously, there is a lot to clean up! Lol

      1. I know :))

  11. Thank you…nice shots!

    1. Thank you, Robert :)

  12. wow…and no the castle didn’t look small at all…LOL what a fantastic place to visit….kat

    1. It´s a beautiful place, you should come Kat :)
      It looks like you all like this “little” castle… Surprise! I have more pics of it! LOL
      Big hug, David

      1. it would be a fun vacation spot….putting it on the list….and I love, love, love castles….

      2. I like this city very much! It has it all :)

      3. just added it to my favorites…I am planning a 3 week tour of Germany and its castles, thought my son and I might take a trip over and do a drive around the countryside….kat

      4. Your German tour looks fantastic!
        But my English is giving me a hard time. If you want to drive from Germany to Portugal, is a 25 hours trip. I´m sorry for Guimaraes, but you can visit Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Amsterdam with less effort :) They all have beautiful castles too!
        Anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip, and THOUSANDS of photos!
        Big hug, David

      5. thanks….my roots are from the Bavarian mountains so I think we are starting in Vienna..not sure but looking forward to it…kat

      6. You have to plan a second trip :)
        You will love Vienna, for sure!
        Big hug, David

      7. yes I am thinking 3 weeks will not be long enough…LOL

      8. You are still planning… LOL

      9. probably right up to the day we arrive….its a year or so out….kat

      10. There are so many places to visit… :)

      11. how true….makes it hard….personally I just like to get in the car and head out…my son needs an itinerary…lol his attitude is how many places can we see in this amount of time…lol he’s still young….

      12. Oh, I get it, you are a traveler but your son is still a tourist LOL Sooner or later he will understand the difference :)

      13. I hope so….I can’t remember ever going through that phase….how much in how little time…LOL

      14. Me neither LOL

  13. Great pictures. It looks as though you are having a fabulous trip.

    1. Thank you :)
      Indeed, I´m having a great time!!
      Big hug, David.

  14. So cool! :D Petitions? ALL OF IT! Looks like you’re having a fantastic time :D

    1. Why did I ask? LOL
      This place is awesome!!!
      I could live here :D

      1. I believe it easily!

  15. …good pictures and good food :-)

    1. Thank you :)
      The food was amazing!
      Hugs :D

      1. It showed ;-)

  16. Great photos 😊

    1. Thank you :)

  17. Such beautiful photos…and now I’m hungry!

    1. Thank you, Deb… I´m sorry LOL!

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