Built to last – Fitness Challenge – Day 6

You should be proud, week 2 is almost over. I´m so proud of you!

This weekend you should weight and measure your body perimeters to check your progress so far.

Pre-workout Talk:

  1. Perform each exercise for the prescribed amount of time, doing as many repetitions as possible.
  2. Watch the technique, a poor technique leads to injuries and we do not want that.
  3. Once you have completed one exercise, go to the next one.
  4. Complete this circuit three times.
  5. If you have questions, reach me at the Facebook group.

RECOMMENDATION: Use Evernote to track your workout. Here is the note corresponding to this workout.

Here is a playlist to help you maintain a high training pace.

Today we´re going to work our core, lats, pecs, traps, and triceps. This is the exercise list:

  1. Alternating Elbow Tap Plank – 40 seconds
  2. Single Leg Glute Bridge (Left) – 40 seconds
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridge (Right) – 40 seconds
  4. REST – 20 seconds
  5. Lying Lat Pull – 40 seconds
  6. Standing Row – 40 seconds
  7. REST – 20 seconds
  8. Standing Chest Press – 40 seconds
  9. Upright Row – 40 seconds
  10. REST – 20 seconds
  11. Standing 1 arm Triceps Extension (Left) – 40 seconds
  12. Standing 1 arm Triceps Extension (Right) – 40 seconds
  13. REST – 20 seconds

Once you have finished the third round:


  1. Cat-Cow – 40 seconds
  2. Child pose – 40 seconds
  3. Standing Wall Chest Stretch (left) – 40 seconds
  4. Standing Wall Chest Stretch (right) – 40 seconds
  5. Standing Triceps Stretch (left) – 40 seconds
  6. Standing Triceps Stretch (right) – 40 seconds

Eating for succeed

The suggested food for today was Squid. What recipe have you prepared today? Take a picture of your plate and share it with us in the Facebook group.

For the next day, I suggest youChickpeas. Read my blog about the chickpeas health benefits.

Trainer Tips: #Walking

You have been training for two weeks and, in my opinion, it is time that you consider adding another healthy habit that will bring you many benefits with little effort: walking.

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active and become healthier. Also, it´s free or low-cost because you don’t need special equipment, clothing, facilities, or training, can easily fit your schedule, needs, and abilities. It’s a good way to start getting active if you’ve been inactive. It’s underrated as a form of exercise, but walking is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to be more active.

Walking offers health benefits, such as:

  • Lowering your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthening your bones and muscles
  • Helping you burn more calories (lose body fat)
  • Improving your fitness
  • Lifting your mood

Before you start:

  • Use shoes or trainers that are comfortable, provide adequate support and don’t cause blisters will do.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
  • Choose thin layers, which you can add or remove depending on conditions.
  • If you’re walking to work, you could wear your usual work clothes with a comfy pair of shoes and change shoes when you get into work.

Starting out:

Start slowly and try to build your walking regime gradually. To get the health benefits from walking, it needs to be of moderate-intensity activity. In other words, it needs to be faster than a stroll.

If you can only walk fast for a couple of minutes, that’s fine. Don’t overdo it on your first day. You can break up your activity into 10-minute chunks, as long as you’re doing your activity at a moderate intensity.

Divide your walk into three parts:

  1. Warm up by walking slowly.
  2. Increase your speed to a brisk walk. Brisk walking means walking fast enough to raise your heart rate while still being able to speak and breathe easily.
  3. Cool down by slowing your pace.

When walking, be sure to use proper form:

  • Keep your chin up and your shoulders slightly back and relaxed.
  • Look forward, not at the ground.
  • Keep your back straight, rather than arched forward or backward.
  • Let the heel of your foot touch the ground first, and then roll your weight forward.
  • Walk with your toes pointed forward.
  • Swing your arms naturally.

Make it a habit

Setting realistic goals, such as walking 10 to 15 minutes, three times a week. Think about the following as you set your goals and create an action plan:


  • How far and how often you will walk to start
  • Where you want to be with your walking program in 6 months

Action Plan

  • Where you will walk
  • What days and times you will walk

Think of ways to include walking into your daily routine. Examples include:

  • Walking part of your journey to work
  • Walking to the shops
  • Leaving the car behind for short journeys
  • Walking the kids to school
  • Going for a stroll with family or friends after dinner

The important aspect to remember is to keep expectations realistic and attainable while still challenging. It’s important to modify the exercise prescription so your body will continue to adapt to the demands. For best weight-loss results, keep increasing the distance, time and/or intensity of your weekly walks. The key to achieving any fitness goal is consistency. As your fitness levels improve and exercise becomes a regular habit, you do need to gradually increase your activity levels week-to-week, but whether you choose to measure it in minutes or miles is up to you. 

Take it easy, but take a walk this weekend, you will instantly feel better and know you’re doing something good for your body, mind and soul.

See you on Monday, have a great weekend ahead!

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  1. David, I only did Day 6 today! But I have a good excuse… I had to get my car serviced – you don’t wanna know what it cost! Anyway, I missed Friday, but I meet a friend at the gym on Saturday and we spent about an hour (ok, probably 15 minutes of talking in there), then on Sundays I do the lateral elliptical for 25 minutes. Am I forgiven? I’ll try to catch up this week, but it’s Thanksgiving here, so all bets are off! :) LOL So, I may not do each day as I planned, but I’ll get there!

    I love this exercise ‘break’ from what I did for 2 years! Thank you so much!!

    1. Of course you´re forgiven. Actually, there´s nothing to forgive. Things happen and we do our best, right?
      Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have lots of fun :D
      You already have all the workouts in your inbox so, you´re not missing any workout, just delaying a little bit ;)
      Big hugs!

      1. Yup, holiday is over – back on it today – this is a great workout – I still can’t get over how much effort you put into this for everyone. You are amazing!

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