Built to last – Fitness Challenge – Day 2

Eat to live, not live to eat.

Ready for the second workout? This is going to be a little bit harder than the first one.

Pre-workout Talk:

  1. Perform each exercise for the prescribed amount of time, doing as many repetitions as possible.
  2. Watch the technique, a poor technique leads to injuries and we do not want that.
  3. Once you have completed one exercise, go to the next one.
  4. Complete this circuit three times.
  5. If you have questions, reach me at the Facebook group.

RECOMMENDATIONUse Evernote to track your workout. Here is the note corresponding to this workout.

Here is the playlist to help you maintain a high training pace.

Today we´ll work the abs, lower and upper back, thighs, chests and rear shoulder. This is the exercise list:

  1. Lower Abs Scissors – 40 seconds
  2. Single leg V-up – 40 seconds
  3. Standing Obliques – 40 seconds
  4. REST – 20 seconds
  5. Superman Level 2 – 40 seconds
  6. Superman Level 4 – 40 seconds
  7. REST – 20 seconds
  8. Bodyweight Backward Lunges – 40 seconds
  9. Lying Lat Pull – 40 seconds
  10. REST – 20 seconds
  11. Standing Chest Press – 40 seconds
  12. Rear Shoulder High Row – 40 seconds
  13. REST – 20 seconds

Once you have finished the third round:


  1. Lying Quad Stretch (left) – 40 seconds
  2. Lying Quad Stretch (right) – 40 seconds
  3. Hurdler Hamstring Stretch (left) – 40 seconds
  4. Hurdler Hamstring Stretch (right) – 40 seconds
  5. Standing Chest Stretch – 40 seconds
  6. Standing Shoulder Stretch (left) – 40 seconds
  7. Standing Shoulder Stretch (right) – 40 seconds
  8. Standing Biceps Stretch (left) – 40 seconds
  9. Standing Biceps Stretch (right) – 40 seconds

Eating for succeed

The suggested food for today was Halibut. What recipe have you prepared today? Take a picture of your plate and share it with us in the Facebook group.

For the next day, I suggest youSweet Potato. Read my blog about the sweet potato health benefits.

Trainer Tips: #Introduction to macronutrients

Logging your food is one of the most important components of weight loss. Follow these guidelines consistently and the weight should come off. Counting your macronutrients is vital for weight loss.

Macronutrient is a bucket term for the three types of nutrients that make up the bulk of what we eat: carbohydrates, fat and protein. Our bodies require ample amounts of each to function properly. On the other hand, alcohol also provides calories (7 calories per gram), but it’s not considered a macronutrient because we don’t need alcohol to survive, unlike fat, carbs and protein. Macronutrients are augmented by micronutrients, aka vitamins and minerals, to meet all of our nutrition needs.

It’s good to know which foods contain more of which macros:

  • High-carb, low-protein: fruits and vegetables
  • High-carb, low-fat: pasta, rice, cereal, bread, legumes, fruits, vegetables
  • High-fat, low-carb: nuts, seeds, olive oil, cheese
  • High-fat, low-protein: avocado, olive oil, coconut milk
  • High-protein, low-carb: eggs, meat, fish
  • High-protein, low-fat: nonfat Greek yogurt, cottage or cream cheese, turkey or chicken breast, lean ground beef, whey protein powder

One way to eat better and/or lose weight is to focus on macros instead of calories. Often called IIFYM — “If It Fits Your Macros” — the guiding principle of this dieting is that you can eat whatever you want and still attain your goal of losing or gaining weight as long as you stay inside your macronutrient “allowance.”

However, not all macros are really equal: While 100 grams of salmon and 100 grams of hot wings may have the same macronutrient profile (both are about 60% protein and 40% fat), they are hardly nutritional equivalents. Jelly beans and sweet potatoes are both about 100% carbohydrates, but, again, there’s no comparison when it comes to nutritional value. Could you lose weight eating nothing but hot wings and jelly beans — as long as they fit your macros? Probably. But most people doing IIFYM quickly discover they feel much better when they spend most of their macros on fruits, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, legumes, whole grains, lean protein and other wholesome foods, which tend to be more filling as well as more nutritious.

I´ll teach to calculate the macros that your body needs next weeks. For now just focus on these:

  1. FOCUS ON REAL FOOD: I mean real food as opposed to processed food. Real food is fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, seafood, nuts, seeds, whole grains and beans. Natural sweeteners, coffee, chocolate and wine count, too — just in moderation. Avoid processed food. Eating real food leads to eating more nutrient-rich food without much effort.
  2. OPT FOR COMPLEX CARBS: When it comes to carbs, the more natural and whole, the better. Go for complex carbs like 100% whole-grain breads and pasta, brown rice, starchy vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, low-fat dairy and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Limit simple sugars from refined grains, processed snack foods, sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages.
  3. ENJOY LEAN PROTEIN: Some good meat-free options include beans, peas, quinoa, lentils, and tofu. Fish is another great source of protein that can also be rich in healthy omega-3’s. As far as meat goes, cuts that have round, chuck or loin in the name are usually leanest, along with chicken and turkey breast.
  4. CONSUME HEALTHY FATS: Add avocados, nuts and nut butters, seeds and fatty fish like salmon into your weekly menu. Cook with healthy oils like olive or grapeseed instead of butter.
  5. CHOOSE SMART SNACKS: Snack time is when processed foods are the easiest to grab. Arm yourself with real food snacks that are as minimally processed as possible. For instance: Fresh fruit, unsweetened dried fruit, nuts, celery sticks, popcorn, cucumber slices, carrots.

Healthful eating isn’t about eating perfectly. It’s about making more nutritious choices most of the time, nourishing your body with real food and enjoying the occasional treat along the way.

I hope this tips help you make healthier choices!

See you on Friday.

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  1. I started this yesterday! I love the playlist you provided and the YouTube for each exercise. And the recipes look wonderful.

    Can’t wait for do today’s exercises tomorrow morning!! :)

    Thanks David!! Hugs!

    1. I am delighted that you like everything so much :D
      The truth is that putting all the pieces together for this challenge has taken me a long time. I’m glad it was worth it!
      Big hugs!

  2. Day 2 down! Yeah! I love the 40 seconds, it’s more challenging than my current routine – which I always did a ‘count’. And this is forcing me to do multiple reps, which I find a bit challenging too… I cannot thank you enough, but if I’m ready for Thanksgiving, I’ll owe you big time LOL!

    1. Well done, Joan! :)
      So glad that this little shift from counting rept to performing the exercise for 40 seconds is challenging you!! I didn´t see that coming :D
      I guess you can indulge yourself for Thanksgiving?? LOL
      Big hugs!

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