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Born Tough. Product Review

Today I want to talk about Born Tough, fitness apparel & accessories brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in the US. But they also have stores in the UK and Australia so, no matter where you live.

Shipping is the fastest I’ve seen so far. I placed my order on Wednesday and I received it on Friday! I don’t think it can be done faster. So, the first positive aspect to keep in mind … nobody likes to wait for weeks to receive an order, right?

I got 2 items:

Sleeveless shirt

Great quality fabrics, they fit like a second skin. Design is both, minimalistic and refined. They don´t look like other gaudy fitness apparel that makes you stand out like a neon light and makes you feel embarrassing. You could wear these clothes in your day to day and nobody would notice that they are training clothes. But they are, and extremely comfortable when it comes to sweating. 

Sizing and fabric information can be found on the product description page.

The clothes are very affordable. Sleeveless shirts from 18£, long sleeve shirts from 23£, and you will also find shorts, joggers, bags and accessories at really great prices. 

Note aside: I couldn´t help myself. As soon as I say these cool plastic bags for the shirts, I thought they might have some other use. For example, put the post-workout meal inside. Has your shaker ever opened inside your backpack staining all your clothes? Problem solved! This is just a quick thought, I’m sure you will come up with multiple uses for these bags.

Now, time to show you these shirts while exercising!

From my personal point of view, Born Tough is a great option, due to the quality of its products, elegant design, and reasonable prices. Plus, these days you´ll find a discount code at the top of the website, and you´ll get 40% off. Perfect if you´re looking for Christmas presents. New Year´s Resolutions are coming, and we all love to start the year on new clothes that make us look better!

They also have another 15% Off Sale on Martials Arts & Fighter Apparel and Gear on their sister brand “Elite Sports with stores in USA ,UK, and Australia.

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