Bom dia amigos blogueiros!!

Bom dia amigos blogueiros!!

Good morning, dears :) I´ve just had breakfast Desayuno

This is my comfortable room :)


and my amazing views :D

Vista hotel 1

I guess I´m ready to visit the city ;)

Have a nice day :)

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  1. Boa noite amigos blogueiros!!
    Tasty breakfast, David! Very comfortable room and, yeeees, amazing view :)
    I hope you enjoyed your stroll in the city :)

    1. God! How many languages do you speak??
      It was great! Beautiful city and wonderful people :-D
      You will see it soon ;-)

      1. Hugs to you, too, David!
        I am glad to hear you’ve had fun.
        I speak only Romanian, David. English a little bit and portuguese not a bit. But there is Google Translate, right? :))

      2. Thank you :-D
        All Romanians speak an excellent Spanish!! And your English is better than mine :-) So, I count 3 and I use Google Translate too :-D

    1. Yes, indeed :) I speak Galician which is similar but not the same. Trust me, any Portuguese notice my accent miles away :D

      1. Is it really that different, the Portuguese and Galician accent? You play bagpipes too right?

      2. The Irish and the Scotish play bagpipes too :D
        Some Galicians speak better than others, I´m one of those others :)

      3. Yes, Scottish people play bagpipes too.. We see them in London from time to time.

        So how does Gallegos differ from Portugués?

      4. First, we have the Spanish influence.
        Second, a lot of different words for common items: jam-xamón(galician)-pressunto(portuguese); verbs, and so on. It´s practice, and I often speak Spanish :/

      5. OK.. I noticed the difference. I looked and saw webpages on Galician culture and recipes.. More Portuguese than Castilian words.

      6. Yes, indeed. But in the other hand, the Spanish goverment fights our culture and language since uncle Franco (1939). We receive education, in Spanish; TV, radio, books, and magazines in Spanish; official docs, traffic signs, and the list goes on. We speak Galician despite their efforts :) And Galician has, at least, four big linguistic varieties, each province its own.
        I would love to speak (and write) a good Portuguese, Spanish (long story), or English but I know my limitations!
        Btw, you will love our food :D

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