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It´s my Blog´s Anniversary!

Hurrah!!! Hahaha! Let’s make it memorable, or at least special.

I would like this to serve as an encouragement to all the new bloggers out there and to send them a clear message: dreams come true with hard work and determination. Things don’t happen overnight, they take time, sweat, tears, and a little bit of luck.

As WordPress consider an anniversary as an achievement, which it true itself, I’ve accomplished a few things over these four past years. Let´s recap, just to encourage you to follow your dreams and beyond because I never expected to reach any of the milestones when I started this blog.


List of impossible dreams come true:

2014: Stanza/Nike partner. After a long interview with the founders, they invited me to join their calendar and collaborate in the Nike Training app. This was mind-blowing, but only the beginning of a long and amazing journey.

2015: accepted me as Ambassador. Becoming part of a community of coaches and fitness influencers with so many followers, was not easy. It was a rush!

2016: I joined the Jordan Breakfast Club. I´m a die-hard basketball fan, and I grew up watching MJ and the Chicago Bulls. An exhaustive interview with the Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing was an unforgettable experience for me. That they also consult my opinion before launching each new online challenge, is something that fills me with pride and satisfaction.

2017: Evernote Community Leader. This is what I was looking for! Because I use Evernote to help people over the world reach their fitness goals, this was the kind of recognition I needed to take my game to the next level.

2018: Top 100 Fitness Blogs on the planet. Last time I checked it on Google, there were 113 million fitness blogs. #73 is not bad, isn´t it? This caused a small local/national revolution and I got interviewed on TV, radio, and newspapers.

For what I had come:

Since I stumbled upon Evernote, I realized that it was a wonderful tool for personal trainers. And I put all my effort into developing the perfect environment for online training. I must respect the privacy and wishes of my clients, but some have been so kind to let me share with you all their experiences and achievements.

Nothing compares to the feeling when a client achieves his/her goals. It’s happiness, pride, satisfaction… all stirred up like a cocktail! 

What comes now:

You may have noticed that this summer I have written less than usual. I have been working on new articles that I hope you like, thinking about new services to offer and, above all, writing a course on how to use Evernote for fitness, which will be aimed at fitness professionals, studios, and gyms. I can tell you that the guys at Evernote are very excited about this and the course will see the light next month. This course will be a game-changer!


To my family for their unconditional love and support all these years.

To you, for your friendship and support, also unconditional during all this time.

To my wonderful clients, for following my advice, reaching their goals and recommending me to their friends.

None of this would have been possible without all of you!

83 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary”

  1. Hi David! Since I started my blog three years ago, you’ve been one of my favorite bloggers on here; I always learn something from your posts and you’re always friendly. I’m thrilled to hear about all of your projects, especially you new Evernote course. I sincerely hope that your success continues!

    Also, I apologize if I haven’t been commenting as much as I used to. My master’s thesis has kept me quite busy this summer.

    1. Hi Josh! You are one of my favorite bloggers too. I learn a lot about jaguars and wildlife from you, and your post about your experience in Belize are amazing 👌
      No apologies needed, focus on what’s important and rock your thesis, bro! 👊

  2. Y que cumpla muchos masss.Tienes una cabecita .Que Dios te la conserve.!Me a legro mucho de conocerte

  3. Wishing you a belated Happy Anniversary David! # 73 is extremely impressive, but not shocking – you have a great product and you are a great person too! Keep up the fabulous work that we all benefit by so much. You are appreciated!
    Warm hugs!

      1. Wonderful! Quick thought – on my drive home from work I am contemplating stopping my site, it’s just too expensive and Amazon really messed up my work. But before I do, I would like to do a post on you – want you do for your clients, how evernote works – would that be ok with you? Would you consider giving me some insights? I only had a trainer twice – both within the last 3 years – before that I didn’t think I needed one… Ok, I can hear you laughing… LOL Anyway, let me know what you think ok? It would be fun!

      2. Good morning, Joan! I think those are two quick thoughts. On my side, I would be honored to be invited to your blog and explain how Evernote works and how I use it to train my clients online. Actually, I am about to launch a course for trainers and fitness professionals on how to use Evernote for this purpose. It would be great to talk about it on your blog before the course is released.
        On the other hand, not knowing how expensive it is for you to maintain your blog, but understanding that right now you are very angry because of Amazon, I would tell you to take some time to reflect on closing your blog. You already have put a lot of time, effort and work on it. You can simply downgrade to a free account now and later, upgrade when your site gives enough money to do so.
        Anyway, this is just an idea and I do not want to interfere in your decision.
        Please, email me to with your questions about Evernote, to have some initial indications and to know where to begin to explain and solve your doubts ;)
        Thank you so much for the invitation!
        Warm hugs :)

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    1. Welcome to the WP family 😃👏🎉
      Wish you all the best in your blogging journey!!
      Tip: take it easy 😁
      Big hugs,

  5. Congratulations! Loved finding your 30 day challenge – yesterday, I could not wait to get to it …
    It was inspirational to read about your journey and I hope one day I get there too.

    1. Thank you so much! I´m very happy you joined the challenge, and I hope you´re enjoying it.
      Wish you all the best on your journey and, you know, most of the time you succeed just showing up :D
      Big hugs!

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