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Bent Knee Push Ups

Bent Knee Push Ups

This is an essential exercise for beginners. Some people can´t do a single push up. It´s not a myth, I´ve trained some. This is an easy variation to  gain strength and progress to the full Push Up if you add it to your routine.

This exercise works: pectoralis majordeltoidstriceps, and rectus abdominis.

On the floor on your knees supported by your hands in front of you.

Slowly bend your elbows to where your chest touches or barely touches, the ground.

Keeping the torso rigid and head aligned with your spine, inhale down, exhale up!

32 thoughts on “Bent Knee Push Ups

  1. Thank you! I just wanted to say, I love your posts! They’re so informative, and easy to follow!

    1. Thanks, you are very kind :) I´m flattered. Which is the most difficult exercise for you, please?

      1. Probably planking!! I can do it, but I can’t last a minute yet. I’m getting better though. And I switch between the knee push-ups and the full push-ups – but I’ve noticed, since doing planking, it’s become easier. I’m reasonably good at core exercises because I’ve been doing some form of pilates and yoga on and off since I was 17 :)

      2. I was expecting to explain you some easy variation :) You´ve said planking so I´m in trouble :) It´s become easier because pecs and deltoids are involved in a plank. And it works both ways, so your push ups will help with your planks. I´m sure you will do 1:30 soon :)

      3. Thank you!! Ha ha ha sorry!! I do find planks the hardest though!!

      4. You are welcome :) Hahaha don´t, I deserve it for bright spark :D

      5. Thanks! And no problems! I love your posts :)

      6. Thank you very much :)

  2. This is the only way I can do a push-up. haha

    1. Great! 3 sets of 10 :)

      1. Just started blogging 101. Stop by my site and let me know what u think.

      2. Sure!

  3. I love your descriptions. They work together with the image to make it easier. I did this today. Managed to do five repetitions before stopping. I have troubled knees so couldn’t push it further.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I´m truly happy that you´ve challenged yourself today. Congrats! Tips for your knees: 1 – try with a towel under your knees, or 2 – extend your lower legs to distribute the weight.

      1. Thanks. Will try that. Cheers.

      2. My pleasure :)

  4. I use a wall sometimes or the stairs. If getting on the floor is too difficult for me.

    1. Good point! Thank you :)

  5. Thank you for this, definitely a good way to progress to military style push ups :)

    1. I’m glad you find it useful! Thanks for encouraging us to progress :-) It helps A LOT!!!

      1. It’s a pleasure!!

      2. :)

  6. Sadly, I’m already very certain that some people can’t do a single push up. I don’t think I want to talk about why I know this, though. :)

    1. You don´t need to explain :)
      Sadly, our modern lifestyle is unhealthy to the extreme.

      1. It’s true. I’m chained to me seat so much of the time (although thankfully, not literally). :)

      2. It´s worse with teenagers. School, homework, videogames… Where is the physical activity? It´s sad.

      3. That’s true. At least when I was a child I ran about a lot. My brother and I used to play outside every day when it wasn’t raining.

      4. I was forced to go outside :) It was an excellent punishment for good grades, lol.
        Christmas gifts? balls, shoes and/or your favourite team or player shirt. Am I right?

      5. Yes, we got balls, tennis rackets, all sorts. I also used to like climbing trees, looking for insects and that kind of thing. It all involved running about. :)

      6. Something went wrong, somewhere… :)

    1. Thank you!

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