Losing fat

Losing fat The main reason to hire a personal trainer is losing fat. You will find a lot of information, sometimes contradictory. In most cases, the solutions will focus on diet or exercise. Focus only on the diet or only on cardiovascular exercise, is not a good strategy to get rid of that fat. We …

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Carbs Carbs, sugars or saccharides are biomolecules whose main functions are to provide immediate energy (glucose) and structural (starch and glycogen). 1 gram of carbohydrates provides 4 kcal. The simplest carbohydrates, monosaccharides, are formed by a single molecule; They can not be hydrolyzed into smaller carbohydrates. They are the main source of fuel for the …

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Adequate hydration

Adequate hydration All athletes must be aware of the importance of staying well hydrated before, during and after a physical activity. Adequate hydration is a recurring and very effective advise for many different objectives. No wonder if we consider the roles that water plays in our body. Water is involved in all cell reactions, as …

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Warm up & Cool down

Warm Up & Cool Down Spending time on warming up and cooling down will improve your level of performance and accelerate your recovery process. Research work by McNair (2000)[1] and Knudson (2001)[2] suggests that the use of dynamic stretches – slow controlled movements through the full range of motion – are the most appropriate exercises …

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Rest 30 seconds


Rest 40 seconds


Rest 60 seconds


Rest 90 seconds


Rest 120 seconds