Pelvic region

The Pelvic Region The pelvic region of the trunk is the lower part of the trunk, between the abdomen and the thighs. It includes several structures: the bony pelvis (or pelvic skeleton), which is the part of the skeleton embedded in the pelvic region of the trunk, subdivided into: the pelvic girdle (i.e., the two hip …

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The thigh

The thigh The thigh is the area between the pelvis and the knee. We divide the thigh into three compartments: anterior, medial, and posterior. Anterior compartment muscles  Sartorius: It is the longest muscle in the body. It assists in flexing, weak abduction and lateral rotation of the hip, and knee flexion.Origin:anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)Insertion: 1. …

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Lower leg muscles

The calf There are several muscles in your lower leg but, at least, you should know a little bit about two of them: the gastrocnemius and the soleus. These two form what we know as calf and are involved in activities such as walking, running, jumping … you get the idea why you should know …

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Muscle #1

Muscle #1 Let´s talk about muscles. How many muscles are there in the human body? It´s hard to say. Usually, the number oscillates between 640 to 850 named muscles. It depends on how you count them. There is more agreement to classify them into three categories: skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. If the cardiac muscle doesn´t …

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Cardio on an empty stomach?

Cardio on an empty stomach? Cardio on an empty stomach? Everyone should experience and check the results in person. Far from settling the issue, I would like to point out some advantages and mistakes about it. Aerobic exercise on an empty stomach can increase the amount of free fatty acids used as fuel. But, this is …

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