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Assault to the Castle of Guimaraes

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Castle of Guimaraes. It was built in the 10th century and reconstructed in the 13th. Don´t worry, I won´t bother you with its history :) Follow the link if you are interested.


As you get close to it, you wonder why would you even try to scale those walls. I mean, I checked the place and this is the weakest point!


The inside is also impressive.


How can we break these magnificent defenses? Sit and wait. Seriously, that´s how sieges started. Stay far enough from the castle but force the citizens  to stay inside until they run out of food. The best of it is that you don´t need to climb :)

30 thoughts on “Assault to the Castle of Guimaraes

    1. I´m glad you like it

  1. Formidable defence. Beautiful castle.

    1. Indeed, it is! :)

  2. This seems like an awesome place to stay in a zombie apocalypse! :D
    It’s so cool!

    1. Hahahaha That was pretty much the original idea :-D
      I’m glad you like it!!!

  3. Dizzying heights! Yikes! It looks surreal.

    1. Yes, a little bit of both :) A millennial castle in the middle of the city! :D

  4. Oh how beautiful!

    1. I´m glad you like it :)

    1. This is the small one :D

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    1. Thank you :)

  6. Congratulations, I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award, check this out:

    1. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for the journey with your pictures. Reminds me of a movie I saw recently with the same fortress formation.

    1. You are welcome!
      I would love to watch that movie :)

  8. Very impressive castle. I love castles with their dark history, with kings and queens, princes and princesses, intrigues and so on.
    You have a pic which makes the link between those times and our times. You’re in the tower and take a photo of the street where are cars :)
    It was funny to see that among ruins, walls, very old weapons
    Great post, David :)
    I think it’s cool to be there

    1. Thank you :)
      The castle is in the middle of the city so it wasn´t difficult :D
      The city combines old and modern times perfectly.
      I guess I can do another post. Guimaraes merece!
      Hugs :)

      1. I wait for it, David. Because, yes, is a beautiful city :)

      2. Done! :D

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    1. Gracias y felicidades :)

  10. But how long would it take them to run out of food? Patience will have to be pretty strong :-)
    Beautiful place

    1. Right! But I guess once they are locked inside, the land is yours :) The castle is just a bonus.

      1. So true!

      2. Just my opinion :)

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