Allied Athletes

Allied Athletes

Yesterday, I planned to publish to articles. Did you see the second one? Me neither :)

I published the first one and I had a really good time with your comments, questions, and suggestions. Special mention to Dziey, who will buy me an island in a near future :)

At the very same time, something serious was happening: an email from Create Think Live.

My dear Margaret “made me and offer I couldn´t refuse”. I´m honored to be a part of Allied Athletes and proud to announce our partnership.

Allied Athletes Home Screenshot

Their (our) vision? Create a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment to help athletes foster their identities.

I´ve told you, I couldn´t refuse!

Allied Athletes ResourceI´m a new movement! How cool is that? I love it!

Movement reminds me: Today is the first day of our challenge. Are you ready?


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  1. Wooh! Congrats/good luck in this movement! Also,yes,I’m working on the island. My staff is really lazy :D

      1. Lazy is when you know you have to do something but you don’t because you’re Dziey 😂😂

      2. I´m sorry, I was cry-laughing!!
        You are great!
        Now, I have to write some more post :) And you, work on my island, or study, or start the challenge :p

      3. Hahahah in a while :D my books are waiting for me. I’m not really a big fan of school you know :(

    1. Yes, the island is cool but Dziey is cooler! You have to meet her :)
      Allied Athletes is wonderful, and I´m even more happier than with my own island (I asked for Jamaica, so you can imagine xD ) Thank you very much, sunshine :)

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