Activity trackers

Activity Trackers

Good morning!

I´ve found my activity tracker! If being offline had something positive, this was it :)

I know you all use Fitbit or Apple. I use Withings :) I bought it on 1 September 2014 and it still works. My phone did not last that long :/

Like I´ve said I forgot/lost my activity tracker for quite some time. Yesterday, I relinked it to my new phone, downloaded the app, and even found my 2015 review, with badges and all the stuff :)

I think it will be a good mate, looking for a new flat means a lot of walking :) HealthMate Let me ask, do you walk the infamous 10000 a day?

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      1. Okay, okay -give an old woman a break here. Thanks for the hugs -that made me feel better, as my dignity has been stepped on. ;)

      2. Your dignity is safe…but it would be healthier if you walk more :)
        More hugs, dear!!

      3. That´s another story :)
        Enough is relative so, don´t forget to take a little break and go outside for a walk ;)

  1. I don’t, however, I do cardio exercises and resistance exercises 4-5 days/week. I’ve been committed to this type of schedule for 38 years. I also walk my beagle 2-3X/day for a minimum of an hour. We must keep him in good shape as well! :D

    1. Then, you walk :) Actually, walking a beagle is much more than walking!
      Safe your money, you don´t need an activity tracker!! But you already know that ;)

  2. Unfortunately with an arthritic knee this is impossible for me to do….I do jog and walk in the pool but no where near 10,000 steps…..any ideas??? kat

    1. Yes! Stick to the pool plan. Water offers more resistance so with every step in the pool counts as 10 outside (more or less), and you´re keeping your knees safe. 10,000 steps is just a number to keep the people active, it´s challenging but affordable if you haven´t injuries, but it´s not a magic number :)
      Big hug, David

      1. cool. with it counting lets say 10 per the one in the pool, I am getting in between 3 to 5 thousand steps…!!!! thanks for that makes me feel like I am doing more than I think….kat

      2. Haha, that’s because you’re doing more than you think! You’re welcome :-)

  3. I’ve been thinking about a reliable step counting device for my jogging. I plan to build up my jogging distance more and more over time. I plan to do this initially by jogging for increasing times each month.

    We touched on my running the London Marathon in the comments on my most recent blog. I suppose to be careful, I should get a health check up before my distance gets as long as 26 miles in one jog.

    An army captain died doing the London Marathon last Sunday, unfortunately. Also, an international England cricketer has had to retire as a medical check-up has found that he has an underlying heart problem.

    1. A health check up is recommended before any physical activity. Nobody takes it seriously but I think it´s a great idea.
      Before paying for another device, try some free apps from Google Play :)
      If you want to run the Marathon, you´ll need a heart rate monitor, not a counter step ;)

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