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I was born in 1978 in a seaside spanish town. I was very shy. My mother forced me to go out to play with other kids. My teachers often called home because I didn´t socialize. I had asthma and allergies to all kind of things, I preferred reading. So, team sports was my first hard subjet, and basketball my first love.
I quit from organized basketball at 13. I have problems with all kind of authority. Or all kind of authority have problems with me.
Streetball was much better for me.
When I was 17 I started lifting weights. I got two bad back injuries before 21. Did I care? No. Three years later, this was me:
Silvio Samuel: Mr Olympia (98kgs), Chape: College parties king (82kgs). After this photo, Silvio went to the USA. I went to overtraining.
I continued training others but I didn´t lift a dumbbell in a couple of years. This is what was left:
That was my supplement store, “XXL”. I sponsored some athletes and teams back in the day. He is my friend Tito, great canoeist, firefighter and better person.
But sports were only a subjet. Training is a way of living. I studied philosophy. And sociology later. I told you, I like reading.
On my last year, at last, I had something to say. I wrote two thesis to close my academic chapter.
“A moral philosophical approach to the consumption of psychoactive substances”. And “Business ethics in the neoliberal economy”.
I love travelling. Amsterdam is my favourite place to recharge batteries. Why? Amsterdam is freedom, art, music, endless streetmarkets, charming waiters with amazing conversations, and always that “goodbye phrase”: Have a nice day, enjoy!

I also love pets (two cats: Wilma and Face, and one lady yorkshire, Ari.

I got my first tattoo when I was 17, and I got some more over the years. I have 13 tatoos now so… yes, I like tatoos too.
I enjoy gardening, and I think that personal training is like gardening. Each client like each plant has different needs: motivation, planning, advice, help, and support, to grow, progress, and get results.