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Burning Fat. Building Muscle.

You have been training countless hours, trying different diets, and yet, you´re not where you want to be. I know how you feel… Let me help you reach your goals.

You have been crushing exercising and following a strict diet and, nevertheless, you have not reached your goals and you feel frustrated

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose body fat, what you need is a specific training routine and nutrition plan that suit your schedule and objectives
If you take this as seriously as I think, I would like to be your coach. I am 100% sure that I can help you achieve your goals faster than you think.
My name is David Neira. Chape Fitness founder, IFBB certified personal trainer and nutritionist since 2003, and training clients online since 2014. Check all my certifications HERE.
I’m not going to show off how many people I’ve helped in 16 years, but you can be sure there have been many.
Some want to lose fat, others want to gain muscle and that’s what I do…
I help people achieve their goals, become a better version of themselves, feel more confident with their bodies, and build healthy habits that last.
Each person is different and needs a specific training and diet plan, suitable for each one, depending on their level of experience, physical form, schedule
Family, work, friends… you lead a busy life and finding time to stay in shape and healthy is tough! Online training is what you need. Everything is customized:  Your workouts. Your nutrition. All of it. 
I will explain you:
♦ Exactly what workouts to do
♦ Exactly how to do each exercise
♦ Exactly when and what to eat
I think every client is UNIQUE so each plan will be made just for YOU
♦ Your initial test
♦ Your nutrition plan
♦ Your workouts
♦ Your check ins and adjustments
♦ Your accountability
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