5 Essential Fitness Tips For Busy Women


While it can be a struggle to lose weight and stay healthy, it can be even more difficult to be fit when you’re busy at work all day. Fortunately, it can be done! Here we look at five fantastic Fitness Tips for all the busy ladies out there.

A lot of busy women, especially those that don’t have the time, fall into the trap of leading an unhealthy lifestyle or making minuscule fitness gains. Those who aspire to stay fit need to stay motivated, engage in regular exercise and control their diet. Once you’ve grabbed some dumbells and best single serve blenders on mykitchenadvisor.com, it’s time to tap into some well-needed fitness tips. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to concentrate on being more mindful of what you eat and doing some regular exercise. If you are a new-age woman who is highly caught up with their work, don’t worry, because there are certain things that you can do. Let’s find out more about these fast fitness tips!

Breakfast – the Most Important Meal of the Day

A healthy breakfast is a must. In order to kickstart your metabolism, you will need to ingest enough glucose and fibre. Doing so will also keep your energy levels up for the whole day. If you want our advice, choose food that is rich in calcium, vitamins, fibre and micronutrients. It is also important to eat protein-dense foods, helping reach satiety quickly and helping you feel psychologically ready to face the day ahead.

Cut Out the Junk

The cardinal sin of an unhealthy lifestyle is to gorge on oily and processed foods. You need to nip that in the bud as soon as possible, so remove these foods from your daily routine. It doesn’t even matter if you think you’ll burn the calories at a later date. Simply put, if the food contains junk then you shouldn’t be eating it at all!


Often hydration is overlooked throughout the day. Did you know that the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommend that you drink at least 15 cups of water a day? Fitness Tips 101 – ask yourself if you’ve honestly been able to do this on a daily basis. The unfortunate fact is that water deficiency can lead to fatigue, headaches and can even promote overeating. In order to avoid these symptoms and increase your general well-being, top-up on water, especially after you have exercised. One of those great fitness tips and tricks we hear about is to make a habit of it by carrying a water bottle around with you wherever you go. It will make you want to drink!

Cut Out the Coffee

A lot of fitness tips for women are often about reducing intake. We understand that when you’re busy and haven’t had enough sleep can be tempting to refill your coffee cup throughout the day, however, this is a bad idea. Sugar and caffeine are not healthy substances to consume on a regular basis. Moreover, they can make you feel fatigued and jittery, so you won’t want to work out. As an alternative, why not go for a brisk walk during your break? This will help you beat the afternoon slump.

Alternative Workouts

When you’re looking for fitness motivation tips, it’s important not to get bored. Feeling bored can even make you skip exercise altogether, and we all know too well that exercise is paramount to physical and mental well-being. The simple rule is when you really get bored with exercise then change it up once in a while. It is also easier to stick to your 30 minutes a day if you have others doing it with you. Involve your friends, work colleagues and people you love in lunchtime yoga sessions or brisk walks

But what about when you really don’t have the time to work out? Don’t worry, because you can easily stay motivated, even within your workplace. As an example, why not try standing up instead of sitting, or having a small weight to lift on your desk? Even lifting your legs up for a few seconds periodically throughout the day can increase muscle mass over time.

Fitness Tips Like Never Before

Who knew that you could be busy and stay fit at the same time? These health and fitness tips work wonders for those who haven’t got the time to run marathons or hike for six hours after work. Incorporate any of these five quick fitness tips into your daily routine and you’ll watch the benefits accrue in no time at all. Good luck!

What are some of your personal how to body fitness tips? We’d love to hear about them. Tell us more in the comments section below.

Scott Pine

Scott Pine

Scott Pine spent the vast majority of this life working in the fitness sector. He loves to write and then an active member of the online wellness community. Recently he has been working on a holiday fitness tips guide that he is looking to promote on his new blog. His favourite exercise of choice is skiing.

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      1. I might need inspiration too. I want to do something that connect my two accounts word press and instagram! Let’s see how it goes! :)

      2. Running can be pretty inspiring… Go for a run, I´m sure you´ll come back with some fresh ideas ;)

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Molly and I love learning about fitness and healthy lifestyle. I have been working out from home ever since I had my daughter (who is now 3). I thought I would miss the gym and taking classes more than anything, but I have grown to love my at home workouts and am amazed by how much is out there. Over the years I have put together a library of fitness videos that I love. Most of them are thirty minutes as that is the most time I can give and it is enough with the workouts I tend to do. I have been sharing good videos/intructors I have found with my friends and family for years and would love to share them with others as well. So many people would love to incorporate exercise into their life, but they do not know where to start. As we are going through a pandemic many people are looking for ways to stay active at home. I love doing strength training, pilates, hiit, bodyweight, etc. and will share with you some of my favorite workouts I have found. It seems that almost everyday I find a new video or instructor that I like!

    1. Hi Molly! Nice to meet you :) There are tons of great trainers out there, this pandemic will be over before you can check them all, LOL.
      Btw, let me say you have a beautiful blog!!! And I´ve seen you also collect recipes so, here you´ll find like 200? https://chape.fitness/category/recipes/
      Big hug,

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  3. I seem to prefer cocoa to coffee these days, coffee never kept me awake normally, I just love the aroma. That said, is cocoa powder a good alternative to make a hot cup of beverage with?

  4. Those 5 fitness tips are the main mantras to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of
    the other ways by which one can remain fit is by completely cutting out the stress, reduction in sugar intake, eating lots of fruits and green veggies, proper sleep, etc.

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