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30 healthy chicken recipes

Chicken healthy recipes

Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world. There is significant variation in cooking methods amongst cultures. Historically common methods include roasting, baking, and frying. They are also often grilled for salads or tacos.

Whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose fat, chicken is included in your diet. I know by experience that eating chicken over and over again, cooked the same way, may be boring to death.

I´ve selected 30 of the most delicious chicken recipes from my notes (recipes are not my own). A different way to cook your chicken, each day of the month. A 30-recipes post would be hard to read so, you have all the recipes in this public notebook.


I like to add checkboxes to the ingredients. I go to the kitchen with my list and I check I have everything I need. If not, that goes to the grocery list. At cooking time, all checkboxes are marked so, I unmark them as I´m using the ingredients. Once it´s done, the check boxes are ready for the next time.

Whether you’re an Evernote user or not, you can join the public notebook. But, for a better experience, create your free account, here.

10 thoughts on “30 healthy chicken recipes

  1. I don’t tend to like chicken, but it is relatively inexpensive, however I don’t care for it much because of the hormones used to grow them rapidly. So one might look for how they are fed. Organic or range free may mean they are not in cages but in crowded pens. I am not vegetarian, but I constantly think about this and just conserve on what I get and how it’s grown. If one were vegan or vegetarian, how could they compensate?

    1. I totally understand your concerns. Different foods have different issues in some countries, and none in others. Tuna is always my first example. Eating tuna in the US seems even dangerous due to mercury levels, while in Europe there is no concern about it. In Spain we´re concerned about hormoned catle and pigs, but not chicken. I mean, you can spot the difference between the store´s chickens and home-grown chickens. They look differently, taste differently, so they are fed differently.
      In the other hand, ethics concerns on food are nothing but respectable. Vegans and vegetarians have plant options to replace this protein, legumes and nuts, for example :)

  2. I didn’t know that about different countries having different issues on how their meat is raised. Thank you for the info and the recipes.

    1. My pleasure 😊
      Does your Evernote work already?

      1. Ihaven’t tried again, I’ve had company, a cruise, Comic-Con and just not had time to upload it to my new phone. I had told you my old one was stolen? It was located clear across our county but the blip didn’t last long when they realized they couldn’t access my apple account, even though they tried and I blocked it so I’m guessing it was thrown away shortly after. So when I get better I will access it again. I think my desktop allows me access though.

      2. Yes, you told me, but not all the story 😨 Hope your new phone stays with you much longer 👌☺️

  3. Yummy Yummy…which one is your favorite? Creating my grocery list ;-)

    1. Glad you like it :)
      With lime and mint is my fav. Or marinated chicken in lemon juice, it´s delicious!
      Hugs :)

      1. The marinated version sounds indeed delicious. Going to prepare it this week :-) XxX

      2. Cool :D

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