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“Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow. If it wasn’t so, life wouldn’t be worth living.” Oscar Wilde

9 thoughts on “Dangers

  1. Ah. Olde “make poverty impossible” Oscar. It sounds so SIMPLE! Ask Nicolas Maduro how impossible that is!

    At least the quote you picked is sensible and good.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Yes, solving poverty is an old socialist aspiration! But I don´t see how that could sound like a simple task 😀

      1. Solving anything with socialism is an impossible task – unless you want to solve prosperity and happiness, and the solution is the opposite of those.

        Oscar was simply selfish. He actually was for more of a libertarian socialism (he at least saw politicians as they were, ugly). He wanted to explore his art without the burden of having a tough time putting food on the table in the process.

      2. Capitalism doesn´t solve anything either for that matter. And you have all the examples you want 😀
        So, Wilde was selfish and the current millionares pro players are… what exactly? I don´t understand your obssesion with socialism 🙂

      3. No obsession, brother. Free enterprise isn’t meant as a solution. It just works. So well, it can even make France look smart.

        I don’t like bureaucrats and I don’t like politicians. They’re both evil. Socialism relies on both in excessive amounts.

      4. It works for some, no doubt 🙂
        Politicians and bureaucrats are necessary actors in any system but anarchism, I think. But that´s too much on the left, isn´t it?

      5. Anarchism is so far left it gives a reach-around to the right. Politicians may be necessary but their necessity doesn’t require we give them any more than minimal sway over freedom.

      6. Haha! That´s a good one!
        In theory, politicians should listen and represent other people´s interests but that never happens. I think there is a total lack of values, generally speaking, in politics and we all pay the consecuences.

      7. I agree, wholeheartedly.

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