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Meaningful quotes with Pooja

Today I´m very excited about this collaboration post with one of my favorite bloggers, Pooja. Pooja is behind Lifes Fine Whine. Among many other things, she uses to post famous quotes. I read quotes on other blogs and I usually wonder which is the blogger´s fav, the most useful, the first one he or she remembers… When she let me suggest topics, so I suggested a post about the most meaningful quotes for us. She liked the idea and here we are.
I didn´t pay attention to quotes, sayings or proverbs until I was in high school. I failed my first philosophy exam. I couldn´t believe it. The exam consisted of three questions, about pre-Socratic authors. I didn´t know the answer to one of them, but I answered it anyway, mixing Anaxímenes with Anaxágoras. I got a miserable 4 (of 10). When the teacher told me my grade, also added: “It´s important to know what you know, but also it´s important to know what you don´t know”. My first thought was “this guy is insane!”. I calmed down days later, but the freaking quote still resonated in my head.
I can´t say it really made sense until next exam: Plato. He asked Plato´s concept of friendship… and I didn´t know a word about it. Here I go again, another 4 – I thought. Reading the other questions I realized that there was no question about Plato´s cave. Five questions, none of them about Plato´s cave. Definitely, this teacher is on meds or something!
I answered the friendship question the last: “I don´t know what Plato said about friendship, but I do know about Plato´s cave which is an important part to understand Plato´s thinking”. The day the teacher came with our grades, I was expecting a good rant. He gave me the exam and said: “I liked your Plato´s cave explanation, I gave you 1 point for it. You got a 9”.
I was astonished! Against all odds, that nonsense quote made sense and it worked in my favor. That was the first time I realized this kind of strange sentences is meant to help. The original quote belongs to Confucius, and it says: “To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge”.
This is, without a doubt, the first quote that I remember made an impact on me. Since then, I faced the exams more calmly, understanding that not knowing a question was not the end of the world. Outside of a classroom, this quote helps me to admit that I don´t know a word about a lot of things so, I listen. Most of the times I learn something new.
Now you know one of my most meaningful quotes and the story behind it. What we don´t know yet is Pooja´s quote. Are you as curious as me? Click here to Pooja´s post.

9 thoughts on “Meaningful quotes with Pooja

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  2. Ooh that is so interesting and I love the story behind it! Knowing that you know very little is great because it keeps you wanting to learn more!

    1. Thank you! I´m glad you like it 🙂
      “I only know that I know nothing” that would be my second quote, but that´s another story, haha!
      Big hugs!

      1. Hahaha the best quotes have a story behind them!
        Hugs! 😁😁

      2. True! 😀

  3. I find that the best way to learn is to assume you don’t know anything about the topic at hand. That encourages one to listen, rather than to ramble on needlessly.

    1. for sure that´s the best way 🙂

  4. This is awesome David! 🙂 Your admiration for quotes is unmistakable. I recall when we used to count how many times you have done 3 day 3 quote challenge! You certainly shared some of the most thought provoking words.
    This post is quite interesting! It breathed life into the quote! How true some quotes get associated with significant events in our lives 🙂

    1. Yes! I remember that 😀 Because of that challenge I thought I could post a daily quote. And here we are, haha!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and all your support along this journey.
      I´m very happy you like the story, I think there are tons of great quotes out there but just a few come to us in the right moment.
      Big hugs!

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