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Open invitation to all coaches/trainers

Dear fellow coach/trainer,

Would you like to get more followers and drive more traffic to your blog? Would you like exposure for your content? I have no advice to get more followers, traffic or exposure. But I do have an offer you shouldn´t refuse.

Back in the day, I started blogging as all of you, with no followers and thousands of questions. After two years of daily posting, I´m proud to say I have thousands of followers and a bunch of answers.

There are some well-known strategies to get your blog out there, like awards, tags, and so on. Between nominations and invitations, I realized guest post worked better for me. It´s logical, I got invited to write about fitness at any blog, some followers of this blogger like what they read and they decided to follow me as well.

I will be in debt forever with Kally, at Middleme for showing up in my email with a great idea, exercising at the workplace. Besides all the fun, the biggest advantage for guest authors are the free backlinks, traffic, and subscribers they receive.

In the other hand, I had the chance to be the host. Again, more followers and traffic. I dare to say it´s a win-win situation. That´s why I openly invite you, fellow trainer, to write a guest post for this blog.

I can offer you 2000 WP followers, almost 3000 followers on Twitter, and near 1000 on Facebook. But most important, a great and active community I love and care about. So, a positive and encouraging message towards a healthy living is required.

Please, email to if you´re interested.




7 thoughts on “Open invitation to all coaches/trainers

  1. And plus you are a good motivator for a lazy person like me to start a routine lol

    1. LOL! Thanks for the kind words 😆

      1. My pleasure Mr Spaniard 😎

      2. 😆

  2. I will surely put this on my list. By the end of June I hope to finish my study and receive my certificate. To me being kind to your body- eating right and enough exercise, is also a way to boost your soul. So yes, in a few weeks I will definitely contact you.

    1. Please, do it 😄
      It’d be my pleasure 👌

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