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“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

7 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. I think you forgot the rest of that quote…. everything you can imagine is real… at least in your melon.

    I can imagine a cure for cancer but it certainly isn’t real.

    1. Hahaha! Ok, Jim, let me explain 🙂
      If we are talking serious topics, I agree. Not because I can think it, makes it real. But christians don´t like this way of thinking: Saint Anselm of Canterbury established the ontological argument for the existence of God. Basically, it says God is real because I can imagine “it”. But I can also imagine an unicorn, and it doesn´t make it real.
      In my defense for choosing this quote, Picasso painted abstract which is an attempt to shape what´s in the artist mind so, if you can imagine (and paint it) it´s real 😉

      1. I was just being a contrarian pain in the butt… fair enough though. 😆

      2. Haha! No way, explaining myself is a great exercise for my neurons! I truly appreciate your occasional disagreements 😉

  2. I would love to be real what he said that is real 🙂
    Have a great weekend, David!
    Mo-hugs and kisses <3

    1. Yes, me too 😉
      Wonderful weekend to you as well 💐
      Dave-hugs and kisses 😘

      1. 😀
        xo <3

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