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Alternating shoulder tap plank

This exercise strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles and lower back. It requires no equipment and little space. This is one of many variations you should try.

From a standard plank position, reach your right hand to touch your left shoulder. Put it back down and repeat with your left hand tapping your right shoulder.

Do not let your hips sway side to side as you move.

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7 thoughts on “Alternating shoulder tap plank

  1. Great exercise! Good reminder for me to bring this back into my regimen.

    1. This one is fun 😉
      Happy planking, Frank!

      1. Planks a million 🙂 Thanks again, David!

      2. Welcome 😊

  2. Hi, I am Morgan a nice blog you have.
    I have scoliosis so I do as much working as I can. Strangely I like planks haha,

    1. Hi, Morgan! Nice to meet you! And thank you for your kind words 😊
      I’m sure all that work will pay off! One workout at a time 😉
      Big hug, David

      1. Aww thank you David hugs to you too.

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