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Burning bridges

“Sometimes burning a bridge isn’t a bad thing…it prevents you from going back to a place you should never have been to begin with.” Unknown

14 thoughts on “Burning bridges

  1. this is bold and strong.. however, I think that we must never forget our roots and must go back to where we belong.. I may be wrong.. what you say?

    1. I think the quote doesn’t mean necessarily to forget our past or where we belong to.
      My personal experience, I don’t like to go back to places (broad sense) I haven’t liked the first time :-/
      Also, I think you are right but, we’re not responsible of our birth and circumstances, but what we’ve built upon them. Right?

      1. Yes, that’s another perspective and I agree with you here… we can not help the place and circumstances of our birth, but then we can always look forward and create our own destiny..

      2. You express it better, thank you 🙂

      3. loads of love to you…

      4. 😄

  2. A friend and I had a similar conversation. He said he appreciated my perspective on it; “it’s good to revisit places that caused us pain and suffering as long as we learn and heal from the journey. Just don’t stay there. Move forward with your life.” Good post, David <3

    1. Good perspective, indeed! Thank you, Roo 🙂

  3. I feel that way about places I’ve lived. Having been molested in the past, I was clear to my husband that there were certain places I didn’t want to be near for the horrible memories associated with them. I actually didn’t even want to return to California for that reason. I’ve since gone back there, taken pictures for my blog with my story, and even 60 years later, it made me nauseous, so I know it isn’t the place for me to be anywhere near there. No, some places you just need to distance yourself from. The past is past and it is not the sum total of who I am. Time to move on.

    1. You are right, the past is past. We don’t live there anymore, and we don’t need to go back.

  4. I’m just thinking, though, that we all learn from our experiences, so maybe we should have been there to begin with…Just my two cents.

    And, oh, thanks for the FOLLOW. Sorry it took me a bit long to express my thanks.

    1. No worries, never is late 🙂
      I agree we learn from our experiences, but sometimes we have to learn to not repeat some of them, for our own good. Just my opinion 🙂
      Big hug, David

      1. True that.

      2. 🙂

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