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Wait for it

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Abraham Lincoln

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  1. so why we want the left overs..?

    1. Hahaha, good point! but you want also your left overs, you don´t want to look for food in the street garbage 😉

      1. if everyone wanted seconds, no left overs at all

      2. Haha! Or if we calculate better while preparing, lol
        Sometimes, at my grandma´s home, we do thirds… and it´s not enoug 😀

      3. ha.. ha.. and still you are a trainer..

      4. Haha, yes! but my grandma doesn´t care on Sundays lol She gives me another insight of what an indulgence meal means 🙂

      5. virtual meal..?

      6. Ha! No, it’s very real 😀

  2. OOooo and Abe Lincoln quote, very nice Chape! I like this one 😀

    What are you doing for your weekend Mr. Smooth Criminal? 😛

    1. Cool!! I like Lincoln 😉
      I have no plans 🙂

      1. No plans? Neither do I. I have one appointment, but besides that, nothing. Hmm. I skipped crossfit class today so I could sleep in, shhh 😛

      2. I can´t believe you skipped your class!!! Don´t worry, your secret is safe here, lol
        NBA2K counts as appointment? Because, in that case… 😉

      3. Hahah I know, I am HORRIBLE Chape. I needed more sleep and granted, I only had a hour longer of sleep than I would have if I had waken up for class .. but it was well worth the extra hour.
        I LOVE NBA2k, you play that Chape? what team?

      4. Hahahaha, come on, it’s Saturday
        😉 we don’t train on Saturdays here B-)
        I play the career mode and I’m not too loyal to a team… It’s a business lol
        Actually my current team is OKC, I signed as free agent. Sounds familiar? Lol

      5. Hmm, yeah that is the same team who signed me, LOL. I like the LA Lakers, but have yet to be drafted to them. I don’t have the game any longer though.. so maybe I will invest in it again. My free agent never made it to be great.
        Hmm, a business? well you want a good team with good contract payment, but wins equal more money. LOL

      6. A Laker? I would never tell 🙂
        Play for the team and you´ll get extra points each game. Focus on your D and improve your defensive skills, that´s what any team wants from a rookie 😉
        The rest is history, lol

      7. Yes! That is exactly what the game wants, good defense. LOL so.. you have mastered the game strategy, eh? Hmm, this is cool I can talk video games with you like this! very nice.

      8. Haha, I wouldn´t say I´ve mastered anything 🙂 I love video games, that´s all 😀

      9. I love video games too! do you play RPG games or first person shooter games?

      10. Hahaha! Sure! Hitman, Farcry, Age of empires, civilization…

      11. Oh my! I play skyrim a lot, I have started playing final fantasy now as well, it was interesting. I have played dark souls (hard game) and I played fable (easier game).
        I have heard of most of those games but haven’t played any of them 😛

      12. I haven´t played any of yours, lol
        I guess we have homework 😀

      13. Yes we do! you need to try skyrim, I think you would enjoy that one very much! Haha and I should try hitman, because I have seen it at our local game shop 🙂

      14. Hehe, I will try it 🙂 Hitman is a great choice! Let me know which is your favorite weapon 😀

      15. Oh goodness, normally in shooter games.. I go for the shotguns or handguns! hmm. Maybe because I am so horrible at snipers in ALMOST all video games! haha

      16. I love snipers but they´re not available in all shooter games 🙂 Guns with silencers… I like to kill quietly, pointing to the head LOL

      17. Haha! That reminds me of James Bond games, when you could choose to add the silencer or not.. to the gun (older James bond game) also, the option of the golden gun (one shot kill) LOL. those were the days. I think I am horrible at snipers because I am not good at having to wait and watch people deciding when to shoot so that I don’t miss my target, I just like engaging! haha no stealth needed, just engage and fuck shit up! Reckless behavior 😛

      18. Hahaha!! I can only do that if there are no inocents on the scene. Once I pull the trigger, I run out of ammo or I don´t see more heads ahead. Damn, it sounds really bad lol
        Anyway, I dhaven´t played any James Bond game. Please, tell me it´s not Roger Moore 😀

      19. Mm makes sense, yes I guess I failed to recognize my reckless behavior does make the innocent run rapid , lol. I will take the proper precautions this next time. Oooo, the feeling of running out of ammo when you are being shot at by multiple people , so you have to use your hand-to-hand combat skills in hopes the bullet doesn’t kill you first so that you are able to take dude out and take his gun or you can run and flee the scene in hopes you find ammo that way! normally my fleeing only last so long before I am dead hah.
        No, it isn’t Roger Moore, we got lucky there LOL I think it replicates Pierce Brosnan, which I like him as James Bond.

      20. Haha, only a true gamer can describe that situation 😉
        So I have another title for you, Payday 2. Total reckless behavior 😀 criminal contracts, big guns, lack of ammo… you´ll love it!
        I like Brosnan since I was a kid and Remington Steel was on TV 😀

      21. && only a true gamer would understand that scenario! Hmm, payday 2? was there a payday before the second one came out, do I need to play the first one in order to understand the 2nd one? I will look that game up now at my local gaming store..
        Brosnan is a beast as James Bond, his car was amazing, was always semi jealous. I haven’t seen the show Remington Steele in ages, LOL that still comes on T.V? jeez.
        How do you like the new James Bond actor, Daniel Craig?

      22. I´ve never played payday 1, answering your questions. There is nothing to understand, just shooting LOL
        Haha Remington Steele is very old but I have good memory 😉
        Brosnan was the last Bond I´ve seen. I liked Craig on Layer cake, but he became Bond too late for me 😀

      23. Brosnan was the last bond you had seen? Oh goodness, you should take a look at some of the newer ones, Daniel does a good job with Bond! & he still gets the nice vehicles haha

      24. The point is the character bored me a long time ago 🙂

  3. Wise guy, Lincoln 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend, David!
    Hugs <3

    1. Haha, indeed 🙂
      Have a great one as well, Monica 😉
      Hugs <3

      1. 😀

  4. Hey, I noticed that you have posted a lot a quotes but I’d like to nominate you for the 3 days 3 quotes challenge. I like all the posts and inspiration quotes you post. I’ll have to come back. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, dear!
      I´ve had enough awards and challenges for a lifetime. I hope you understand 🙂
      Hugs, David

      1. Your welcome and its no problem. 🙂 Hugs.

      2. Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

  5. Love this!!! 😀

    1. Haha! Thank you 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!

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