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Leg day :)

I love to work leg on Mondays. But this time I feel my legs need a special care. Why? Yoga. My flexibility has always been a problem. You know about my back injury. I used to visit my physiotherapist once a week.

But I decided to take some yoga classes to get out of my routine. Even maybe it could relief my anxiety a little bit. The surreal poses that came to my mind made me laugh. I couldn´t sit on the floor with my legs crossed for two minutes so what happened after my first class was amazing.

It was a little painful at first, a lot of fun in the middle, sleepy at Shavasana and surprising once I left. As I was walking home, I realized my toes were facing forward… WT?? I’ve been walking thirty-six years with my feet forming a V, heels together and separate toes. What just happened?

Strange things like this first one happened after every class, three times a week. I concluded that the chair and the sofa  were not my friends. They´re pretending 🙂

I sit on the floor every day since.


This is after today´s workout. It´s a bad half lotus pose. The “journey” was scary sometimes, I felt my knee´s tendons and ligaments on the edge. On the other hand, how my leg´s muscles worked in almost each pose, and how ached after a regular sun salutation, I decided to skip leg day until further notice.

Now I face it as a rehab training.


You can laugh at me, but I suffered 🙂

Polar Day5

Have a nice week ahead!

9 thoughts on “Leg day :)

  1. Siting on the floor is like being close to earth. 🙂

    1. What a beautiful thought, thank you. I’m going to be even more confortable now 🙂

      1. 😊

  2. But don’t you miss the comfort of sitting on the sofa?

    1. No. I´m on the mat right now 🙂 I can´t get comfortable on a sofa now 😮

      1. hmm… I guess this is a case of mind over matter, you’ve really convinced your body that it’s happier on the mat :/

      2. Mind and body. One day we need to talk about this 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

      3. 🙂

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