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Day 4, Ooooouch!

Today´s workout was about triceps and biceps. It was cloudy, it´s usually rainy, so I decided to go walking to the gym. That´s what the session lasts almost two hours:

Polar Day4

It was walking, I promise. Notice how the graph rises with just 45 minutes.

In the other hand, the workout was good to finish the week.

Workout day4


Next Monday, Leg day!! I´ll explain you then why I avoided it this week.

Please, have a nice weekend out there 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 4, Ooooouch!

    1. 😊

      1. quite a detail in your pursuit . I stumbled upon here to actually find common hobbyist amazing stuff

      2. Thank you so much!
        More workouts coming soon 😀

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