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The sedentary lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle is the lack, in the daily live, of moderate physical activity. It appears in industrialized societies, as we design all kind of tools to avoid heavy physical exertion.Sedentarismo

You are a sedentary person if you make less than thirty minutes of regular exercise and less than three days a week.

The inactivity should be prevented at an early age, in children, educating them on the importance of proper physical activity.

Healthy eating is also in the line of preventing sedentary lifestyles.

Usually, sedentary people do not recognize the problem until they are in the doctor’s office.

It is necessary that the sedentary person enters on the agenda at least an hour a day to do some kind of physical activity.

Certainly, motivation and perseverance will be necessary to change an unwise habit.

Changes in our everyday attitudes become desirable: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. All ways to combat inactivity.

According O.M.S. regular physical activity:

  • Reduces the risk of premature death.
  • It reduces the risk of death from heart disease or stroke.
  • Reduces up to 50% risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes or colon cancer.
  • It helps prevent high blood pressure.
  • It helps to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.
  • Reduces the risk of back pain and back pain.
  • It contributes to psychological well-being, reduces stress, anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness.
  • It helps control weight by decreasing the risk of obesity.
  • It helps develop and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
Danke steht in vielen Sprachen auf einer Tafel mit lächelndem Kind daneben
Danke steht in vielen Sprachen auf einer Tafel mit lächelndem Kind daneben

3 thoughts on “The sedentary lifestyle

  1. Awesome post! Adding a few points on Healthy Eating related to sedentary lifestyle, having a healthy diet plan is good but it won’t override the risk of excessive sitting. Sitting for long periods slows down glucose uptake and increases blood pressure and changes your blood lipid profile. Opting for food that has low GI can slow down glucose release from food or choosing healthier oils over saturated or trans fats. However, it still won’t completely overcome the risk of sedentary behaviour. You need to work on both diet and physical activity. We are a social campaign trying to raise awareness on sedentary lifestyle, you can check our website on and Please check them out and let’s be active together!

    1. Checked, followed and liked 🙂 I´m in love with the “lazy workout” idea. It´s great! About sedentary lifestyle, let me add some “beef”: It has its point. I mean, I´ve never heard about a sprained ankle or a broken bone sitting on the couch and watching TV. A sedentary lifestyle is the best way to avoid sports injuries 🙂 Apart this uncomfortable truth, there is no reason to commend a sedentary lifestyle. We´re not plants! We can´t just sit near the window and do photosynthesis! Have a great week 😀

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