2000 people following this blog

2000 People Following this Blog

Hello, dears!

It´s exciting and I feel honored that so many people follow my blog.  We are 2000! Thanks to everyone following this blog. If you think about it, millions of towns around the world have less population! :D

As I owe you this milestone, I thought a Q&A post would be a good idea. Well, here are your questions and my answers.

PoojaG at Lifes fine whine: What´s your favorite food? 
Anytime, I could eat durums, pizza, tortilla, squids or crabs.
Vikram at Zorba The Budda:  How you been during this time? 
Thanks for asking, my friend! I´ve been good, working, studying, meeting new people…
I´ve had upside downs like everyone else, but I don´t complain.
Pam at K.PhoenixWhat is your life like? 
Well, I work from home and a regular day looks like this:
I wake up, have breakfast and feed my pets. Then we go for a walk. Back at home, I check the emails, client´s workouts and meals, and your blogs.
I take a break, lift some weights and practice some yoga postures trying to meditate and relax. After that, I have what I call the second breakfast and a shower.
Some more work until lunch time, it depends on the day: client´s questions, new workouts, or maybe taking new videos, photoshop, writing a post… I don´t get bored.
After lunch, I love to take a nap. I wake up about 4 pm ready to answer more questions, emails, and messages. Usually, I have time to read some more blogs.
I finish about 7 pm. I go for another walk with my dog, and later I hang out with friends.
In Spain, we use to have dinner very late, 10 or 11 pm. Most of the times these friends meetings turn into dinners.
Dawn Marie at Hugs & Blessings: 1.- What inspired you to begin this blog?
I started an online business because I found a great way to train online, Evernote. I think you already know something about it :D
I read somewhere that blogging was a good way to get traffic so, I decided to give it a try.
I thought I could write about fitness. But I had no idea what blogging´s about.
There are awards, tag post, guest post, etc. Having a blog on your website is different than being part of the blogging community. I think you know what I mean.
I was blessed with supportive, gentle, and positive bloggers from the very beginning, and I ended up loving this blog thing.
2.- How do you think you were able to attract 2000 followers?
Networking and persistence.
Awards, guest post, meet and greets… all of them are good ways to connect with other bloggers, introduce yourself to new readers, and get new followers.
Posting consistently, daily in my case, I think also helped.
3.- What have been the biggest changes to being a blogger that you have recognized since you have more followers?
I´ve realized that now I play more the host role than the guest role. I like to help others like others helped me, so it´s my pleasure to introduce new bloggers and trainers to my readers, inviting them to write or hosting the meet and greet. It makes my day every time I read a comment like “Hi, I´m a new blogger…”.
Thank you so much for your questions!
Big hugs,

40 thoughts on “2000 people following this blog”

  1. Hola David! Congratulations on 2000 followers! I enjoyed reading about your daily schedule, because I also like to have a second breakfast. How is it to be able to work from home and make your own schecule?

    1. Hola Josh! Como estas, amigo?
      Thanks! Haha! I knew I wasn’t the only one having two breakfast 😁👌
      Well, there is a lot to do online. Reading how to things, actually trying to do them, answering comments, emails… I mean, there is a lot and it can be stressful. It was stressful and I was all day in front of the computer until I realized there is always another day 😁

      1. Hola Chape! Estoy bien, todavía estoy en Belice. Tengo 5 días hasta que regreso al los estados unidos.

        I didn’t realize there was so much to do when you’re an online personal trainer. I’m glad you figured out how to make a schedule that works for you.

      2. Me alegro mucho! Estamos deseando leer tus aventuras en Belize 😃
        Yes, there is. For different time zones, haha!

  2. Congratulations!! You definitely deserve all 2000 of them and I’m sure you’ll be at 3000 in no time! It’s so nice that you’re using your blog to help new bloggers get more of an audience here!!

  3. Hello dear David!!!
    many many congratulations on 2000 followers 🙂
    loved reading all of your answers on this post. you have been a wonderful friend since i met you on WP. glad to meet you here.
    though i am not a fitness freak but love to have a healthy lifestyle, your blog has always inspired me towards that. and love to read your quotes!!!
    keep writing and keep inspiring, my Friend ❤
    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂

    1. Hi Vikram! Thank you so much, I’m glad to meet you too 😊
      I really appreciate your comment because I think that fitness is not only for freaks but for everybody 👌
      I’ll keep doing my best, promise!
      Love and light ❤️

  4. I am not at all surprised that you have 2k followers, David–your unfailing courtesy and persistence is the sort of quality that eventually ends in success. May it do nothing but grow in the days to come. 🙂

  5. As I mentioned earlier (when you were approaching this incredible milestone,) your site is truly worthy of the followings! Continued success and growth I am certain are in your future!!! Huge hugs!!

  6. Congratulations dear David! Well deserved!
    Life throw me back a bit again, therefor I couldn’t ask you questions…However, I am going to ask them anyway 😛
    What do you eat? Being a sportsman, I don’t think you eat pizza all the time?
    And what kind of dog (breed) do you have?

    1. Thank you!
      Of course, I’m pleased to answer 😉
      My dog is an affable Yorkshire girl, Ari.
      About my diet, I really eat what I want every day. What I do is fitting my macros, I weight my food, every meal, so I get the protein, carbs and fat I need. I also try to do five meals a day, and I only drink water and squeezed in the moment fruit juices. I usually have omelet and orange juice for breakfast, meat for lunch, and fish for dinner.

      1. Thank you for answering, I hope I didn’t disturb your nap-time 😉
        Lovely name for a dog. Sounds like a delicious, but still healthy ‘diet’ 🙂

      2. Haha! No worries, it’s too early for a nap 😀
        I’m planning a post on how to fit macros, it’ll be ready soon 😉
        Big hugs

      3. Ah great. I have studied Nutrition via a Dutch University and also self-studied about Paleo. My conclusion; consuming natural real foods is key. It’s on my list to write about it. So very curious about your article about macros 😉

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